Our son Connor has been a math student at 4Schoolers since its opening in May, 2015. Since this time, 4Schoolers has helped Connor explore math in a fun and creative way, increasing his interest and enjoyment of math while obtaining a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of math and advancing his math abilities substantially. Importantly, classroom teaching is enhanced by the homework assignments, for which there is always someone at 4Schoolers to help him as needed – through Skype, visits to Friday’s homework help sessions, or email. Irina and all of the 4Schooler teachers are dedicated to student learning, are terrific teachers and lovely people. We love 4Schoolers!

Helen and David Macintosh – Newton, MA

4Schoolers has been an amazing resource for our family. The founder, Irina Jitomirskaia, has been my daughter’s math teacher since 3rd grade and she has excelled in math every year. She gets As in her 8th grade advanced math class at school and just scored in the 97th percentile in math on the SSAT – all of this I credit to the work she has done with Irina. For her high school applications, she got into all of her top choices.

I was thrilled to find out that she and her colleagues were expanding their services. With two working parents and a crazy schedule, it is so great to have the safety net that 4Schoolers provides for our family.

Pamela R. Holding – Wellesley, MA

4Schoolers supported and helped Alex and I before, during, and now in our relocation from Israel to Boston and admittance into The Sage School. After meeting the 4Schoolers team, our son became more confident in his ability. Every person was there to aid him in his journey to reach all of his educational goals, from Skype tutoring abroad, in-person academic planning and homework help, and connecting our family to the appropriate admissions officers at Sage.

Natalia Kats: Netanya, Israel

We owe it to 4schoolers, Irina, and Sophia, for giving us a warm home in Boston. Irina and Sophia treated us like their own children, and they made us feel accepted in their home and in their city. Every morning, they cooked us breakfast. My time with 4Schoolers make up the best days I’ve ever spent. I feel deeply about their kindness. All the teachers at 4schoolers are very excellent. I’ll never forget this summer camp,forever!

Yixuan Zhang (April) – Beijing, China

4schoolers is a stellar institution. When we visited the United States to attend summer camp, the students and I boarded at the home of co-founders, Sophia Vaulina and Irina Jitomirskaia. They are very friendly and cared for us as their own, picking us up in the middle of the night and giving us the opportunity to experience the Boston nighttime. In the morning, they brought us to Whole Foods to shop for fresh ingredients for breakfast, feeding us every day with the most sumptuous meals. They greeted us enthusiasm, tirelessly escorted us to visit various locations around the Boston area, and created the feeling that we were at home.

We thank them for their help and support in connecting us with their closest families in the area for fourteen days! At the time of departure, Sophia said that her family would always welcome us, and Irina thanked us for our time together and insisted that if we ever came to Boston in the future, she and Sophia would meet us.

I sincerely hope that I will have the opportunity to meet Sophia and Irina in the future, as they have helped us to give our children the greatest help and experience imaginable.

Yuhan Jiang (Jennifer) – Beijing, China

I am very grateful to the 4Schoolers team, particularly one of their English teachers— Erielle Davidson. We moved to the United States only four years ago, and I had concerns about my son’s results in the English section of the SAT. When he took the test for the first time, he received a 560 in English. Erielle Davidson was able to accomplish a miracle. Her talent, experience,  and individualized approach to students helped my son improve his language skills dramatically. After only three months, his score increased from a 560 to a 730. As a result, he has been accepted by several great colleges, such as the University of Minnesota (Twins Cities), Brandeis University, and Northeastern University. He is also on the waiting list for the University of Chicago and Columbia University.

Olga Katkova – Wellesley, MA

The 4Schoolers team is extraordinary and very impactful in our kids success. It can be difficult to accomodate my kids’ various extracurricular activities into our routine, but 4Schoolers always comes to our rescue in providing safe rides for our kids! 4Schoolers also provides my kids with a great learning opportunity, and a flexible schedule that can be adjusted into their busy after-school programs. This is one of the best investments we could make for our kids’ education and success! My eldest son just got accepted to Dartmouth after increasing his SAT score by 150 points. Their college counseling services allowed him to choose Dartmouth over his other top choice, Brown.

4Schoolers helps to promote motivation in our children, as it allows them to have greater knowledge in different subjects and exhibit higher level of confidence. The 4Schoolers team inspires my kids to study harder than ever before, helps them to become interested in learning, and instills confidence in them as learners. I highly recommend 4Schoolers.

Limor Ouziel-Yahalom – Brookline, MA

I am so pleased that 4schoolers is now available to attend to our children’s needs when our work commitments make it difficult to keep up with the demands of homework help, pick-ups and drops to classes. This is truly a blessing for so many children and their families!

Irina (Founder) is one of the BEST teachers my daughter has ever had! She instilled not just a deep interest in creative thinking and logic in her students but was also perceptive about their other needs. I particularly remember the occasion when I was unable to arrange for my daughter’s pick up from class and therefore emailed Irina that my daughter will not be able to attend class that day. Irina immediately replied back offering to drop off my daughter after class. She clearly went out of her way and beyond her role just to make sure that my daughter would not miss her class.

Bharati Sinha – Brookline, MA

Ms. Irina Jitomirskaia taught our son mathematics for three years from Grade V through VII. We can say without hesitation that she was one of the best teachers he has ever had in any subject. Her complete command of the concepts is only matched by her incredible teaching skills, patience with the different learning styles of the children and amazing warmth for all her students. Our son was so happy to go to her class and felt such a sense of responsibility in doing his homework as well. We are very grateful for the strong foundations in mathematics and the love for the subject that she has fostered in him.

Igbal Dhaliwal – Weston, MA

I’m a great advocate of math enrichment and my oldest son attended extracurricular programs for advanced math in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade. He excelled in the courses however the logistics were complicated, especially once he entered middle school. With homework, sports, social activities and the schedules of 2 younger siblings to consider I needed another option that would provide both academic challenge and flexibility.

A friend introduced me to 4schoolers and the one-on-one tutoring has been amazing. My oldest son works with his tutor weekly on advanced grade mathematical concepts and logical thinking. Now even my younger son studies with her. The tutor has tremendous depth of knowledge along with a passion for teaching. She is incredibly positive, supportive, caring and efficient. The high quality math enrichment she provides in our home has made a tremendous difference in my ability to balance work and family.

Meredith McClements – Medfield, MA

Ms. Sophia Vaulina was my Precalculus and Trigonometry teacher for a year. During the course, Ms. Vaulina was excellent at pinpointing my weaknesses and producing difficult problems for me to work on. In this period of time, I learned so much that I scored exceptionally well on the Math SAT II. Without Ms. Vaulina’s aid and encouragement, I would have not gotten such a good score. I am grateful for the strong foundation that Ms. Vaulina provided in math.

Divya Bachina – Boston, MA

4Schoolers and their tutors are amazing! Our 6th grader has been tutored in a small group setting by 4Schoolers for most of this school year. We had been looking for math enrichment but wanted to avoid the burn out that regularly seemed to happen by early spring in “math school”.

My son loves that the lessons are both fun and challenging. 4Schoolers found the right group of peers for him, boys he is now friends with, and who are just like him. During lessons, the students are allowed to build their problem solving skills by working through the question themselves, but the tutor is always there to help them along. It is learning at its best!

I have loved 4Schooler’s care in finding the right group and flexibility in making up the occasional missed lesson. What I like especially is that the leaders of 4Schoolers genuinely love the children and bring with them a solid understanding of child psychology. Their ability to understand the place a child finds themselves in and work from there sets the stage for successful learning and personal growth. The tutors are carefully selected, smart, responsible and reliable individuals. I am so glad I found them!

Hildrun Passas – Medfield, MA

Having Sophia in our lives has been a blessing. She has become an integral part of our lives. A mathematician by profession, she has been working with our sons on building the mathematical foundation with remarkable results. Our sons have thrived. Not only has she built their confidence to enjoy math but boosted their motivation to learn new concepts outside the classroom.

Her deep knowledge, focus and ability to relate to children is inspiring. And her energy and enthusiasm contagious. Knowing that we can also trust 4schoolers with picking up our sons from school and activities has given us the peace of mind that they are always in the care of a warm and caring person. We are so fortunate to have found 4schoolers and can only recommend it to any other family.

Gila Naderi – Lincoln, MA

We have enrolled both of our children in lessons with Garry Zhitomirsky over the course of five years. Isaac had a semester of SAT preparation as well as calculus, increasing his score by the second attempt of taking the test by several hundred points. Leah, who is eleven, has been studying for three years.

Professor Zhitomirsky’s pedagogical experience includes a tenure as the head of Mathematics department at Moscow Pedagogical Institute. His vast knowledge of methodology provides instruction tailored to student’s individual ability.

His calm demeanor and infinite patience has helped our children to advance their logical and critical thinking; his encouragement continues to build their confidence and creativity.

In addition to high grades, Leah’s report cards include comments from her math teacher such as “Demonstrates leadership in class.” Isaac continues to have a good student-teacher relationship, at times assisting with lessons preparation on Garry’s request.

As a bilingual family, we also appreciate the fact that the children have the advantage of learning Russian math vocabulary and terminology with Garry. We are privileged to have our high expectations met with our children’s studies with professor Zhitomirsky and plan to continue this wonderful journey for many years.

Yelena and Lev Prizant – West Roxbury, MA

My son Darin was offered to take the  AIME! Huge thanks to 4Schoolers and the team. My son Darin really enjoyed working with the coaches at 4Schoolers to make the American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME)! Thanks for all 4Schoolers do for the advancement of mathematics in Boston! I strongly recommend 4Schoolers to parents!

Amin Chaoui— MA, Your Content Goes Here