4Schoolers students have gained admission to selective schools all throughout the Greater Boston area, the Northeast, and other parts of the US. We work with students and families to find the best fit schools and craft compelling applications for students based on their strengths and interests.

Our Process:

– Begin the process with an initial diagnostic assessment to see where the student currently stands academically and what their strengths are;

– Note a student’s passions, sports, and extracurricular activities;

– Help students find internships or other projects to pursue;

– Form a prospective school list with the student and families;

– Define a plan for standardized test preparation;

– Keep track of deadlines and school requirements;

– Scaffold and edit essays and videos for school applications;

– Prepare students for interviews based off of school priorities.

Working with 4Schoolers means that students can connect with alumni from the nation’s leading independent schools (both day and boarding) and he;p with crafting customized applications that maximize chances of admission at each institution.