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Need more challenging classes for your children? Want to continue your child’s education, even throughout the summer months? 4Schoolers offers a variety of advanced classes in a small group setting.
The goal of 4Schoolers is to empower our students to thrive in middle and high school, stand out in the college admissions process, and be prepared for college-level mathematics.
All advanced classes are led by experienced instructors with superb knowledge of the particular subject matter.
The small group atmosphere allows children with similar interests and skill to collaborate and learn from each other while allowing for an intellectually challenging and supportive learning environment.
Our advanced classes include: Competitive Math for all ages, Elementary and Middle School Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Precalculus, Calculus, STEM, Introduction to Programming and Robotics Design!


Art Classes

Art ClassesIn order to help students build their technical skills and curate their arts portfolio, 4Schoolers connects students with professional artists. Our one on one and group tutorials allow students to both receive direct feedback on their work and build relationships with other young artists. [...]


Homework Help

Homework HelpDoes your child need extra help with homework? More practice with a specific study skill? Help preparing for standardized tests? 4Schoolers can find a tutor for your child’s specific interests or needs.All tutoring sessions are led by experienced instructors with superb knowledge of the particular [...]



Math4Schoolers math classes and private tutoring will allow you to fulfill any goal you have. Whether you are struggling and looking to get back on track or would like to go above and beyond and compete in mathematical competitions, 4Schoolers services are here for you! [...]



HobbiesChess has been played for centuries as a way to build mental strategy and discipline. Learning chess at 4Schoolers under the guidance of grand masters will allow you to not only become an excellent player but also to grow yourself as a person outside of academics. [...]


SAT Subject Tests

SAT Subject TestsSAT Subject tests allow students applying to college to show their passion and depth of knowledge in a specific topic area. 4Schoolers prepares students interested in taking an SAT Subject test in the humanities by focusing not only on memorization of facts and test-taking [...]



Language Classes Whether looking to ace a language class at school or simply learn a new tongue for fun, 4Schoolers is the perfect place to expand your linguistic horizons. We pair students with tutors who not only are experienced speakers but also have a passion for teaching [...]


Test Preparation

Test Preparation4Schoolers provides tutoring on all standardized tests required for secondary school and college admissions. This preparation includes the PSAT, SSAT, ISEE, SAT, SAT Subject Tests, ACT, AP Exams in all Subjects, and TOEFL.


AP tests

AP ClassesAdvanced Placement (AP) classes allow students to earn college credit for high school courses and are an excellent application booster when applying to colleges. Our AP tutors at 4Schoolers has been teaching these subjects for years and can give you the leg-up needed to get [...]