AI and Technology Summer Camp


4Schoolers is proud to announce that we will be hosting an international Artificial Intelligence (AI) boot camp and conference for high school students. From June 23 to June 30, students will engage in daily lectures from AI professors and professionals.


The Fundamentals of AI: 

This course is designed for students with Python and C# experience and those who have never coded before. Students who do not yet know how to code will be given a crash course and additional support.  By the end, students will understand the history of AI, how generative AI and machine learning works, how to create and deploy their own models, and what the future of this technology may look like. In addition, students will engage with peers from different countries on various AI-centric discussions including AI ethics, how the technology can be leveraged by various industries, and the importance of data in the strengthening of AI. The main lecturer for this course will be Professor Zlatko Vasilkoski. He has lectured at and taught AI at prestigious universities including MIT, Boston University, and Northeastern University.


AI and Computer Science: 

NexisLexis consultant Antony Ansarov who will be teaching game design in Unity and the intersection of computer science and AI. 


AI and Writing: 

This course introduces children to the exciting intersection of writing and artificial intelligence, helping them explore how AI can enhance their creative expression and critical thinking skills. Through hands-on activities, ethical discussions, and practical applications, students will learn about AI’s role in storytelling, journalism, and digital safety, preparing them for a future where technology and writing increasingly intertwine. Topics that will be discussed include the fundamentals of AI (from a consumer and technical point of view, understanding how AI can help with writing, critical thinking, AI ethics, how professionals and journalists leverage AI, and hands-on experimentation with AI tools. 


AI and Mathematics: 

How does AI impact the field of mathematics? How do programs that solve math problems work? See how the thousands of years-old field of mathematics is being impacted by this budding technology. Students will learn about optimization of AI models through math problems, the math that goes into the different types of neural network architectures (including CNNs and RNNs), and how math can make AI “creative.” Mathematicians Yen Chi Kuo and Daniyar Aubekerov will be teaching this course. 

If you would like more information about this course, please email [email protected] or call 781-789-4789.