Each summer, 4Schoolers welcomes international students to the Boston area for an enriching camp experience that includes both academic classes such as Biology and public speaking with and fun activities including such as museum tours and interactions with local government officials. 4Schoolers camps can offer your child the opportunity to better understand American culture and the dynamics of life in the United States.

H&M Camp

Our Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) camp brings students to the United States to spend time at two of the United States’ most premier institutions of higher learning. Students learn topics such as Coding, Robotics and Public speaking from renowned experts in the field in addition to being able to connect with American culture through field trips and a home-stay.

Boot camp

Our Bootcamps allow students to take deep-dives into topics of interest such as law, trigonometry, and essay writing. We bring in professionals and academics to provide a cornucopia of wealth of knowledge when presenting these topics. Students with limited amounts of time find our Bootcamps especially rewarding, for they are able to cut down the amount of time they invest in each subject by at least half.