The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is one of the world’s leading universities in science and technology. The school sits on the Charles River in Cambridge, Massachusetts, just across the river from Boston. MIT hosts one of the nation’s most selective undergraduate programs, and for good reason. Read more to see why MIT should be at the top of your college list.

Unlimited Undergraduate Opportunities: With almost 5000 undergraduate students each year, MIT has endless opportunities for advancement as early as freshman year. The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) is open to all undergraduates starting their first semester. Through a UROP position, students gain laboratory experience, technical skills in their fields of interest, and one-on-one mentoring immediately. Unlike other research and internship programs, you don’t need to have experience to start. UROP provides students with the boost they need as early as possible to be leaders in academia, industry, and beyond.

Mentoring Resources: Many students feel lost in rigorous classes where everyone has different levels of experience. Luckily, MIT has a wide array of resources for specific classes, departments, and general support. Connecting with a tutor or becoming one is as easy as submitting a quick form on your class website or the department- and school-wide resources, such as the Talented Students Resource Room (TSR^2), Office of the First Year, Student Support Services (S^3), IEEE-HKN, and so many more. Furthermore, there are many mental health support systems implemented throughout MIT, such as MIT Health and MIT DoingWell, whose new Wellbeing Lab hosts student- and faculty-led workshops on self-care, finances, nutrition, yoga, and more. You can become a Wellbeing Ambassador to help facilitate the many levels of support MIT has.

Notable Alumni: MIT’s alumni include Nobel Laureates, CEOs, astronauts, lead physicians, and more. These alumni give back to the MIT community through funding scholarships, programs, and departments and hosting career fairs to recruit current students. With MIT’s connections across the world, students are guaranteed the best in the professional world.

A Community Like No Other: MIT is undoubtedly an incredibly difficult school. With support from classmates, dormmates, and extracurricular peers, the student community is united in academic challenges, making daunting problem sets and exams feel exciting and manageable. The campus is filled with empathy and encouragement from students to be their best in multiple facets, not just academics.

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